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Top 8 Data Science Programs in USA

Data science, also known as data-driven science is a field of study which sets out to provide meaningful information from large amounts of complex data. By combining differing fields of statistics and computation, data science seeks to uncover and interpret findings from large chunks of data to aid in decision making. To be successful in data science, you will need to understand and use a long list of programs, programming, math and have technical communication skills to be able to find and process large datasets. Unlike the CSU biomedical science program which is well established and among the forerunners of modern research, Dedicated data science programs are relatively new to higher education institutions. They combine parts of statistics and computer sciences to fulfil an important role in our ever changing and rapidly growing world of data acquisition. With companies offering large salaries for data scientists, however, competition for a placement on the limited amount of programs currently available is high. Having a strong data science programs personal statement is essential to support your application so that as well as meeting admission requirements for test scores and high GPA etc. a review board can see just how suitable a candidate you are.

Hal Varian, the chief economist at Google, is known to have said, “The sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians”. Data scientists today have been likened to the Wall Street “quants” of the 80’s and 90’sIn those days people with backgrounds in physics and math streamed to investment banks and hedge funds, where they could devise entirely new algorithms and data strategies. However, a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute concludes, “a shortage of the analytical and managerial talent necessary to make the most of Big Data is a significant and pressing challenge (for the U.S.).” The report also estimates that there will be four to five million jobs in the U.S. requiring data analysis skills by 2018.

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What Are the Top 8 Data Science Programs in the USA That I Could Benefit From?

Data science as its own standalone program is a relatively new area of focus which is gaining in popularity due to the rise of data based business. That said, there are some excellent data science programs being offered in the more prestigious colleges that already have top ranking computer sciences and engineering schools. Here is a list of the top 8 ranked throughout the country:

  • Berkeley data science program: Berkeley’s I School was recently created to address one of the more compelling challenges in the need to organize and make sense of the information that we can now collect, store and share. The I School educates students to understand the problems and possibilities of information, to help develop models of information practice and to design useful and usable information application solutions. Our faculty includes professionals with deep expertise in information and computer and social sciences, as well as related fields.
  • Stanford data science program: With the increasing importance of big data in engineering and the applied sciences, we offer an MS track that trains students in data science with a computational focus. The Statistics Department’s goal is research and student training in statistical methodology and probability and plays a very active role in the development of these methodologies. The department has evolved into the preeminent centre for statistical research with our doctoral program ranked number one by the US National Research Council.
  • Harvard data science program: Engineering and applied sciences have a long and distinguished history at Harvard and our data science program offers students strong preparation in statistical modeling, machine learning, optimization, management and analysis of massive data sets, and data acquisition. The program also focuses on associated subjects such as collaborative problem solving and security and ethical issues that arise in data science. Our graduates are provided with a rigorous and quantitative liberal arts education that is an excellent launching point for any career and profession.
  • SMU data science program: Southern Methodist University creates, expands and imparts knowledge through teaching practices that help to shape world changes that contribute to their communities and excel in their professions. Our Master of Science in data science program is designed to train and develop students in the ever-evolving field where they will use the tools and methods used by real-world data science professionals to complete project-based assignments and collaborate on work with others from differing backgrounds
  • Columbia data science program: The Master’s program in Data Science allows students to apply techniques to their field of interest, building on four foundational courses. Our students have the opportunity to conduct fully original research to be included in a capstone project and interact with our industry partners and faculty.
  • MIT data science program: The Statistics and Data Science Center is an MIT focal point for advancing research and education programs related to statistics and data science. The newly opened centre was created with the goal of formalizing and consolidating efforts in statistics. Our new data science centre provides a shared space for these disciplines, fostering multidisciplinary collaborations and helping students examine some of the most complex challenges.
  • NYU data science program: One of the most compelling reasons to enter into a Master’s Data Science program at NYU is the host of opportunities available upon graduation. We take pride in being able to offer students access to the many opportunities that New York City has to offer. Our centre for data science is a key driver of NYU’s new Master of Science in Data Science program, the first-degree program of its kind.
  • Princeton data science program: Our data science program shares many distinctive and desirable features such as a high level of engagement between world renowned faculty and outstanding students, a campus environment that fosters a community of scholars while adopting advanced techniques for obtaining, organizing, exploring, and analysing data, as well as creating tools specifically designed for the task.

These are by far the best data science programs being offered in the USA today and to get a place on them will require some serious writing on your part to convince a review board that you are the special case that will shine in their institution. Having a good data science programs personal statement will be crucial in demonstrating this but many people often stumble on what information needs to be included. Knowing how to write a good personal statement for PhD in science is half the battle and with a little prompting, it can be easily achieved.

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